Limits are only inside.

We develop businesses. We invest in innovative projects.

Limits exist only inside.

This phrase best reflects my life philosophy. And it is this phrase that the activity of Global Genesis Company is based on.

Global Genesis is a managing company, the team of which believes that knowledge, skills and motivation are the main resources for development. We think globally, we take risks, realize our dreams and help others to do the same.

The way from an idea to a company

My professional career started when I was 18 with a job in restaurant business. Having gone the way from working behind the bar to the position of the manager of the venue in 2 years, at the age of 20 I took part in the opening of Espresso bar Eletti in Zaporizhzhia. In 2010 the second venue was created, it was called Malibu.
Having created profitable businesses in the sphere of food service industry, I felt the need to check the real value of my skills in this sphere in other cities and countries. That’s why in 2012 I sold my own working venues at the peak of their growth and left the city in search for new challenges.
There were rather many challenges but each of them provided priceless experience and understanding that there exist no external limits for one’s own development. So in 2015 I returned to Zaporizhzhia because I was invited to become the head of the public utility company “Press”.
I perceived returning to the “city of power” and yet another starting from scratch as full rebirth, it was then when the idea of future Global Genesis Company emerged.
In 2017 the idea came to life and in the beginning of 2018 Global Genesis already consolidated 7 business projects which belonged to different spheres but they shared the understanding of the value of innovative approach and the desire to develop the companies in Zaporizhzhia region so that they could be competent at the international stage.

Our projects

International IT Forum

The space of innovations and opportunities.

It is our firm belief that development of business is impossible without introducing information technologies, that’s why, keeping up with the times, we decided to organize International IT Forum 2018. In the frames of the event we unite developers and businessmen and for one day we turn Zaporizhzhia into the center of innovations and the place of exchanging cutting edge world’s experience in the sphere of marketing, web/app development, blockchain.


Investment business school

New format of business training in our city.

In the frames of this project we create the conditions for developing business environment of new generation in Zaporizhzhia region. The business school is aimed at revealing the existing opportunities of business development to starting entrepreneurs, at building trend competences and confidence in their own prospects.


Nyuton. 3D Printer

Certified production of 3D printers.

The founder of the company is the winner of the first Investment business school in Zaporizhzhia, who received the funding in the amount of 850,000 UAH.
Everything started with an idea to create a product which is able to save money and time in the process of producing certain details for industrial and household needs. It was realized as an officially registered company with its own production capacity and ready for serial manufacturing of certified 3D printers.



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